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  1. Hood won't fully latch

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    I've tried searching the community for an answer to my issue, but haven't found one, so here I am. I recently got a 2004 Beetle GLS Hatchback 2.0L gas engine. It has 130k miles. Currently fixing up a few things on it, including the radiator, radiator fan, and radiator support, but now after...
  2. Hood Removal

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    I had a 2005 VW Beetle and the engine blew. I purchased one that needed a lot of work (a 2004) with the intention of taking parts off of the one that no longer runs. One of the final things I plan to do is removing the hood and replacing it with the one on my old car, but I can't seem to find...
  3. Lost boonet/hood emblem/badge

    Paint and Body
    Hi Recently my front bonnet eurobadge (the blue and white VW logo) fell off or was stolen not sure. All i'm left with is a chrome round disc with two small holes and some leftover silicon glue. So i've checked withthe dealership and they say it will take up to 3 weeks to deliver the part and...
  4. Replacement Hood and Trunk Emblems??

    Paint and Body
    I have to say this group is a wealth of information about New Beetles! I find myself looking through the different sections every free moment I get! I was worried that buying my 03 Beetle that I might have problems but if I do, I know I am not alone and have a great resource for help. Anyway, I...
  5. How is VW Emblem Attached?

    Paint and Body
    Hello all, I have a 2002 NB GLS. The emblem on the engine hood is weathered and I'd like to remove it, repaint it, and place it back on the car. My question is how is it attached to the car? There is no obvious bolt or screw. Is it glued on? Thanks! Patrick
  6. Hood release broken, can I remove it?

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    2000 VW - got a nasty problem in that the hood won't open. The plastic pull knob on the front came undone it seems and I can only get the hood open 3 inches. I've tried using needlenose to pull and push on every part of the latch I can get to; pushed on all parts with a screwdriver, no luck...
  7. How I Added Gas strut to my 98' Hood

    Styling Modifications
    Well finally got my Gas strut mod done to my hood. I hated that "Prop Stick". So, I ordered the strut and mad a couple mods to mount it and installed it: Removed: Couple of Pieces you have to fab: Lower mounting Tab (fender) and upper mounting tab (hood), (2) ball joints for strut First you...
  8. Wanted - info about "Bugshield"/Hood stone guard

    Marketplace Archives
    Hi, I searched thru the Marketplace forums (17 pages in Parts & Accessories and 4 pages in VW Related Items) and couldn't remember for sure but thought I saw one of these for sale here on the org a while back- search was for naught - can anyone tell me where I might find one of these types of...
  9. Looking for 98 hood

    Marketplace Archives
    Hey all! My 98 NB had an extremely unfortunate run in with a very large deer. :( Now I'm looking for a 98 hood. I live in Virginia and if anyone is looking to pass one off, I would be extremely interested. ;)