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  1. Star ad Corp vw beetle cvt specs 2015 bumper removal

    Technical How-To
    How do you remove the front bumper? I could use some specs or any kind of instructions, if you have any, I want to do this without damaging anything. Please & Thank You!
  2. 2004 Beetle, new radiator, help!

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Got into a car wreck and I have to buy a whole new arts and pay for labor. The mechanic shop has quoted me an arm and a leg so I’m looking to get the parts myself (radiator, radiator support, and most like a hose and or fluid) and maybe try to replace myself, if not have the shop do it with the...
  3. eCode Headlights how to switch drive side

    Styling Modifications
    Hi all, I recently installed a pair of Helix eCode HID headlights on my nB. Unfortunately, the eBay seller shipped them without any kind of booklet or manual. The lights look great and light up the road great, but I have a feeling that they are currently set for left hand drive instead of...