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  1. USA: Midwest
    It doesn't really look like many even come to the Midwest section of the org anymore... but! I am posting anyways! Curious to see if anyone is in or near northwest Indiana?! I am in Valparaiso now, previously in Michigan and Georgia. We started a facebook group for beetle lovers in the area...
  2. USA: Midwest
    New Beetles wanted!!! VW's are going to invade Spencer,IN!!! B-Town Vdub Club is moving its annual VW Show to another town this year! Spencer is a quiet little town with the historic Tivoli Theater that was recently restored. So here is the details we have so far...the car show will be held on...
  3. Photos: New Beetles
    My '99 Beetle and My new 2008 Platnium Beetle
1-3 of 4 Results