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  1. NWI - Is there anybody out there?

    USA: Midwest
    It doesn't really look like many even come to the Midwest section of the org anymore... but! I am posting anyways! Curious to see if anyone is in or near northwest Indiana?! I am in Valparaiso now, previously in Michigan and Georgia. We started a facebook group for beetle lovers in the area...
  2. 3rd Annual Hot Summer Nights VW Show!

    USA: Midwest
    New Beetles wanted!!! VW's are going to invade Spencer,IN!!! B-Town Vdub Club is moving its annual VW Show to another town this year! Spencer is a quiet little town with the historic Tivoli Theater that was recently restored. So here is the details we have so far...the car show will be held on...
  3. My New 2008 Beetle and my old 99 Beetle

    Photos: New Beetles
    My '99 Beetle and My new 2008 Platnium Beetle