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  1. 1.8t Beetle Color Concept edition info?

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    Hi! I'm new to these forums, but I'm just looking for some info or advice! I recently purchased a 2002 Beetle "Double Yellow" Color Concept edition, but its missing the original yellow door panels and a lot of the interior isn't in the best of shape. I've been trying to figure out how to go...
  2. New Projects/goals? Heres mine!

    Styling Modifications
    What's everyone working on right now, or hope to get done soon? I've had my 00' for two weeks, nd in the first two got everything done mechanical/performance wise. All fluid changes, adjustments, etc. Right now I'm working on styling. My bug came with quite a bit of damage. I'm trying to do...
  3. 2012 Beetle Passenger seat fold forward not working

    Questions, Issues or Problems with 2012+ Beetle
    Hello! I have a 2012 beetle, and we started having a problem recently. The passenger side fold-forward seat handle doesn't work anymore (pulling the handle up doesn't do anything). The cable itself is NOT broken, I can see pulling motion on the handle moving the mechanism down at the bottom. I...
  4. 2000 Parts source - recommendations?

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Just got a 2000 Turbo ~ am looking for interior replacement parts. If you can recommend a good source/webpage, I'd appreciate it! Ebay already flagged.
  5. Help identifying a part that fell off

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Today i was driving and i heard a sound like something had fallen onto the floor of the driver's-side foot well. When i got to my destination i found that a part had indeed fallen out of somewhere — and i can't figure out where. There is a part number, but Google just gives me gibberish. Car is...
  6. New Owner/ Fixing up 2002

    New Member Forum
    Hi- I am excited to find this site! I am a female, and new owner of a 2002 VW Bug! I have wanted one for as long as I can remember. Recently an opportunity came up for me to purchase one however it was sight unseen from a dealer out of state. All the pics I saw of it looked good and Carfax was...
  7. Interior door panel lock/unlock switch broken

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    This forum is a such a great resource for New Beetle owners and DIYers! I am a new member, but a seasoned 13 yr owner of a '99 GL 2.0. :) The lock/unlock switch on the interior panel of the passenger's side of my car is broken. I am wondering if anyone else has a similar problem or a...
  8. Footwell Lights

    Styling Modifications
    So I am considering making my first mod to my 06 NBC. As you can assume from the title, I want to put yellow LED footwell lights on the driver and passenger side of my car. I've seen a few pictures of people that installed these lights and they look pretty cool in my opinion. Anyway, not 100%...
  9. Interior drivers door lever/lock issue

    Technical Modifications
    Hi Recently bought a 53 plated Beetle convertible which has been lovely to drive. However there it has developed an issue. The drivers door was difficult to open; it would "stick" and require a push as well as pulling on the lever to open it. Until today when it wouldn't open at all. The...
  10. RSi style chrome interior parts for sale

    Marketplace Archives
    Greetings! Sold my Beetle recently and so I have some RSi-style interior parts to sell that I've had for a couple years. Thought I'd offer them to the community here before trying eBay. Parts available as a lot, or seperately. See below for individual item pricing (shipping not included)...
  11. Interior Painting-getting the rubber off

    Paint and Body
    So i am currently doing the inside parts of my car and I have tried both Acetone and a degreaser called Purple Power. the acetone worked ok, but not as good as the Purple Power. I soaked the parts over night and just used a scrub pad to wipe it off. It works like a charm!! The best thing for it...
  12. Wanted-driver's door panel vinyl

    Marketplace Archives
    2001 New Beetle, Beige. Was leather, am interested in vinyl or plastic or whatever is NOT leather (peels and terrible brown gooey glue is exposed). replaced the right side with a much better looking vinyl panel Also; Looking for driver's side seat in leather. need cover and foam.:confused:
  13. Interior Replacements...

    Styling Modifications
    Hopefully I can get some direction in here... Wife and I have a 2001 VW 1.8Turbo (green, with black/gray interior). Some interior stuff is old, falling apart, faded, cracked, peeling, etc... and want to start replacing some stuff but not having much luck finding anything. Perhaps some of you...
  14. Black UK Audi S3 powered 1998, Mods a plenty.

    Photos: New Beetles
    Been a member since this place started, had a build thread but decided to junk that due to a few nasty people. However i think its about time i let people see what ive been up to again with my daily... If you wanna know about anything or see more pics, post up and ill post a picture. There is...
  15. wtb: 1999 2.0L GL **** PARTS****

    Vehicle Classifieds
    HI. My new baby needs a few parts, before I buy from some of those online places, thought I would check here first... 1. drivers side mirror switch (mine is broken off) 2. rear cupholder or armrest (not sure which it was, but I have a hole where something was once attached) 3. bud vase, prefer...
  16. New in RI

    New Member Forum
    Hey so I have had my beetle for about 5 months now and I just found this website! :D I found it because I have a little bit of money saved up now and I am looking to restore some of the interior. The owner before myself did not take very good care of him at all. I was hoping if anyone in my area...
  17. Help: 2005 new beetle rear map light

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    I've problem removing the stock bulb on the rear headliner tt is meant for passenger. mine has got sensor attached to it so it looks different from what i researched online: How to: change your interior bulbs - New Beetle Owners Club i've no problem taking the entire casing down (just pry it)...
  18. Parting out 5/98 Beetle. Black with blk/wht int.

    Marketplace Archives
    No engine, I do have the 5 sp trans. The car has a light brush on the driver's door and left front fender. No hit in either the front or rear. The interior is complete except for the aftermarket radio in the dash. I will update this post with more pictures.
  19. WTB: New Interior for beetle

    Marketplace Archives
    I'm looking to buy an entire new set of interior for my 98 beetle. Would like black leather seats and grey or black interior pieces. grey or black carpet, armrest, headliner, ect. I currently have tan cloth seats and tan interior that is increadibly dirty and I hate it, so I need to replace...
  20. FS: 2000 NB Silver door panels and cloth seats

    Marketplace Archives
    :) I need to sell used NB cloth interior and door panels. They are water stained but I think cleanable. Roommates want the garage space back so I need to downsize. Please make a reasonable offer. Would love to get rid of as a set but willing to part out to get it gone. If you want to pay...