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  1. Post your "Pop up Beetle"

    The New Beetle Experience
    Post a POP UP BEETLE photo. Classic Beatles on my classic iPod. B
  2. VW OEM iPod adapter/interface for NB Monsoon Head Unit - where can I find one?

    Car Audio
    After being without a car for a month after my beloved 1999 NB GLS got rear-ended (and totaled), I acquired a 2002 NB GLS that had a Monsoon cassette HU with a 6 CD changer in it. Impressed by the sound of the Monsoon system after having nothing but aftermarket in my previous ride (a Kenwood...
  3. iPod connection conversion on 98 Beetle

    Car Audio
    I'm new here...and I have searched for a solution on the forum, but found none that work for me. I'm hoping you can help me out since we're struggling here.... We have a 1998 New Beetle that was sold with the "trunk" CD changer. The original head unit is still in the car. We want to allow...
  4. A way to connect my Iphone3g/Ipod ?

    Car Audio
    Hey Guys, New in here and I am searching a way to make a connection with the sound system in my 2001 Beetle. I bought it without the cd changer and it would be more easy for me to connect through a cable a iphone3g/ipod rather than buy a original cd changer and when I press the CD button to...