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  1. '06 LED Tails Upgrades

    Styling Modifications
    I found some truly-awesome LED bulbs that are a substantial lighting upgrade from original: These outperform the many LED "upgrades" I have tried - by a country mile. Problem is, once installed...
  2. 2001 Beetle + LED Brake lights, kills cruise control

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    I had a tail light burn out and thought I would replace both the newer LED replacement bulbs (got it on amazon) but it would appear this is incompatible with the cruise control system (at least on my old girl) as I noticed it immediately stopped working. I put back in standard filament bulbs...
  3. Central Convenience Gremlins

    1.9 Liter TDI
    I brought back to life a 2000 NB TDI that had major issues all round. I've fixed all the mechanical problems, and I now have a clear scan with VCDS except for the Central Convenience module. I've ever only had a valet key - no key fob. I'd like to have one, but assumed I'd need to fix the...
  4. My lights won't work.

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    I bought a 2002 New Beetle GLS. The previous owner had installed Xenon LED lights everywhere, however when I turn my car on the headlights flicker and then makes a shorting sound like "zzzz" and then the lights don't work? And ideas what the problem could be?
  5. Side light problem? help!!!!!

    Technical Modifications
    2002 Beetle 1.6 petrol (black) I changed the headlights and side lights on my bug to HID heads and LED sides, they look awesome! nsf sidelight isn't working anymore even with the original bulb? i've checked the fuse but heres the thing, the nsr light is on even though the front one...
  6. How-To: Change Your Instrument Cluster Color!

    Technical Modifications
    As a Disclaimer, this is definitely not a simple plug-and-play DIY. If you don't have experience soldering circuit boards and specifically LEDs or other SMD/SMT circuitry, I would recommend you find someone who can help you. If you melt something, you pretty much have to live with it forever...
  7. Change LEDs in Instrument Cluster?

    Technical Modifications
    So that blue-on-black color scheme finally got to me, and I decided I want to change the LEDs in the instrument cluster to red. I already tried clear red tape, and coloring the backside of the gauges - no dice. Has anyone done this before and can point me in the direction of the right LEDs to...
  8. Help with LED strip mod

    Technical Modifications
    Not sure if this has been answered or not, couldn't find it if it has, so here goes. I have a set of those LED strip lights that simulate the Audi lights but in amber/yellow. I want to use them for running lights/parking lights but also want to set it up for turn signals. My problems is that...
  9. Led light interior

    Styling Modifications
    i am planning to install some led light inside the car. i want it to illuminate if the door open or when the car is unlocked. do you know which fuse i can tap in to connect it? i dont have the fuse chart/diagram, anyone has it?
  10. Replace headlight on 06 bug with LED one

    Styling Modifications
    I have a friend who has a GTI and i noticed one of the bulbs in his head light fixture is blue. So I asked him what he did and he said it's easy you just replace the certain light with a blue LED one from an auto parts store. then he looked at mine and said it would be hard to do on mine because...