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  1. WANTED: 2002 Volkswagen New Beetle Special Edition Double Yellow Color Concept Coupe

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    Looking to buy a 2002 Double Yellow Volkswagen Color Concept Limited Edition New Beetle Coupe. *Must have an automatic transmission.* ‘Color Concepts’ is a Dealer Option package offering special two-tone seats, trim and color coded wheel inserts to match body color. A close relative of the...
  2. 2000 blue vapor beetle minor accident questions

    New Member Forum
    Hi there, I am the owner of a 2000 vapor blue GLS 1.8Turbo beetle. My daughter a street lamp which put a small dent on front bumper. Ornate fixture on street lamp fell off and broke windshield. Has to do insurance claim because street light damaged. Sent my car to farmers insurance...
  3. Sales Advice Please

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    Hey, Guys - I'm new here and looking for a little advice. Sorry if this is the wrong section. I am selling my daughter's 2002 Beetle Turbo Double Yellow Limited Edition. We've owned it for 7 years and have done all the maintenance, etc. It has @ 82,000 miles and is in nearly showroom...