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limp mode

  1. New Beetle Limp mode, Tacho won't works..

    Transmission Talk
    I bought New beetle 2000 , 2.0 automatic transmission. it has problem with transmission.. it's in 3rd gear ( I think ) .. speedometer works well, tachometer not and oil check ( I changed oil but still check) . I changed G68 sensor also and diagnostic says "no communication from TCM" .. what I...
  2. Mysterious Throttle Surge/Limp Mode

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Maybe someone on here knows what the heck is going on with my '99 2.0 AEG VW New Beetle. My car keeps going into some sort of limp mode with a throttle surge at low RPMs after driving for a while. My european import auto shop is out of ideas since it's so inconsistent. The first time this...
  3. 03 1.8t o1m trouble

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    Wife bought this car a month ago and fell in love named it Katie... First time I get in it i notice it's running not only roughly but also barely.. Was firing on two and occasionally three cylinders. Out new plugs in and whaddya know it runs worse. I limped it to a shop from there and find out...
  4. New Beetle TDI 1998, limp mode

    New Member Forum
    Hi, If I'm driving on freeway or up a long incline my car will go into a limp mode and the check engine light comes on. Other than cleaning out the intake, is there another problem causing these symptoms? I've had the intake cleaned once before but didn't make much difference in...
  5. Troubles

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    So I recently bought a 01 NB Gls 1.8t.. Black, love it so much! After 6 days of owning it I was pulling into the parking lot at my work. I'm a delivery driver. And the sleeve that connected my CAT to my muffler slid and my CAT hit the ground! Pulled out both of my O2 sensors. I was able to jack...
  6. P0715 P0722 . . . continuing saga of Tesla

    2.0 Liter Gas
    So, I've been having issues with Tesla. 2002 NB GLS 2.0L AVH Last September, I neglected changing my timing belt in time and it slipped. Bent the valves and had the head replaced in January. Car ran great for a couple of days then . . . I posted about a month back with an issue having to do...
  7. 99 VW Beetle 2.0 Auto In Limp Mode After Maintenance

    Transmission Talk
    Hello everyone, I have a 99 VW Beetle that I've been working to restore for the past year (length of time due to money issues) I recently had both speed sensors replaced by a local mechanic since it kept going into limp mode. However, after a week of driving it back and forth to work, it had...
  8. 2002 Beetle 2.0 Limp Mode TCM

    New Member Forum
    Short Version: I have a faulty TCM. Dealer wants $1,500. I am interested in doing the swap myself with a used TCM, if it would be practical to do so. Any suggestions? Long Version: I have a 2002 Beetle GL 2.0 Auto with 150,000 (new transmission at 110,000). Recently, car has been going into...
  9. Please Advise!!!!

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Well here is some good news on my quest to get rid of limp mode. I replaced my valve with the stock one, and I got my boost back in spurts. She'll run fine for a while, then switch to limp mode all of a sudden. Not to mention the fact that I have a code reading "Secondary Air Injection Pump...
  10. turbo lag and limp mode

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    My turbo has been throwing itself into limp mode for the past 3 weeks. ever since i installed my new BOV and intake system. this has been bugging me to no end and im really getting aggravated with it. whats wrong with my car!!!???
  11. Someone needs to help me on this!!!!

    New Member Forum
    Ok so, I got a 2001 Beetle 1.8t. Current mods are as such: neuspeed cold air intake, forge 007 hybrid BOV/DV, and gauges. Thats it lol. Here is my problem. Ever since the cold air intake was installed, the car would throw itself into limp mode. I can normally boost about 10-11 lbs, and when she...
  12. Speed Sensors

    Transmission Talk
    My Car was in limp mode (stuck in 3rd gear) I took it to the dealer to get the transmission reprogrammed. Now it shifts fine, but I was told that I need to replace 3 speed sensors. I have only managed to find one, that is on the transmission, does anyone know where the other two are located, and...