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  1. WANTED rear swivel emblem! new or good condition.

    Vehicle Classifieds
    Hello from the UK! I am looking for a white and blue swivel emblem for my 2000 beetle :( I have looked everywhere but cannot seem to find them anywhere! if anyone could help I'd be very grateful! thanks :)
  2. Lost boonet/hood emblem/badge

    Paint and Body
    Hi Recently my front bonnet eurobadge (the blue and white VW logo) fell off or was stolen not sure. All i'm left with is a chrome round disc with two small holes and some leftover silicon glue. So i've checked withthe dealership and they say it will take up to 3 weeks to deliver the part and...
  3. FS: VW Wheel Emblems ! 90mm - Center Cap Emblem Logo Badge

    Marketplace Archives
    FOR SALE - 90mm 9cm 3.54 inch ALUMINUM VW Emblem Badges - FOR SALE Currently in Stock!!! WE NOW HAVE EURO BLUE 90mm diameter - fit all types of hubcap centers not just the ones shown!!! CLICK HERE TO BUY - TOLEDOVW AUTO PARTS Exact aluminum match to OEM hubcap centers. Fits ALL Hubcap...
  4. 90mm VW Wheel Emblem Center Cap Logo

    Marketplace Archives
    Exact Aluminum match 90mm VW Center Cap Emblem CLICK HERE!
  5. How to: Apply a Rear Emblem below the "VW"

    Styling Modifications
    1. Make sure your rear emblem is centered on its mount and lines up with the antenna (hatch open and up) 2. mark a center line using the "V" formed by the bottom of the W, mark it down towards the edge of the hatch. 3. now this can be different, just where you like it. I measure up from the...