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  1. Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    I am suddenly having an issue with my 2006 convertible (2.5L Gas Engine). I was driving home from a trip and my VW lost power. The EPC light lit up. It would drive, but it would not rev above about 2500 RPMs. I pulled over, disconnected the battery, waited a few minutes, plugged the...
  2. 1.8 Liter Turbo
    So mine is an '04 it has about 94,000 miles on it. I have been having issues with my car loosing power randomly. It seems to happen when im sitting in traffic. My epc light comes on, sometimes my check engine light but not always. My rps will drop and I have no power what so ever. When I brake...
  3. 2.0 Liter Gas
    I have just replaced a busted radiator on a 2000 Beetle 2.0L. The repair went smoothly... so I thought. About 20min into a test drive, I got the check engine light and a loss of power. It seems like it is in some type of safety mode. I have not run any diagnostics to find out any codes. Any ideas?
  4. 2.0 Liter Gas
    We have a 2005 VW new beetle and have recently been losing power. On rare occasion, after starting, the engine will stop running and will die. Usually, if you turn the key again, it starts and is ok. However, while driving, it will occasionally (today it happened 3x) just lose all power...
1-4 of 4 Results