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  1. Good maintenance for used 2005 New Beetle with ~70k miles?

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hi all, I recently bought my first car, a lemon-yellow 2005 New Beetle (not convertible) with around 70k miles on it. From the research I've done, it sounds like getting the water pump and timing belt replaced, and the transmission serviced, would all be good things to get done ASAP. Is there...
  2. Some issues

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Bought a 2005 Beetle w/ 100k miles for a first car about a year ago and lately I've been having a few problems with it here and there. My main problem is that once I get on the highway and start going 60+ and have the A/C on, the overheating warning light comes on and beeps, even if I have full...
  3. Timing belt help

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Hello, I have a 98 2.0 5spd with nearly 200k. After reading horror stories about timing belt failures I decided to replace the belt/tensioner/water pump before it breaks. It was a pain to change, but I put it all back together and it runs great. However, after seeing it all disassembled, it...
  4. Reliability and maintenance

    The New Beetle Experience
    Hey guys, I'm considering in purchasing the new 2013 beetle, however, I have heard that they are very unreliable so I would very much appreciate opinions on the reliability of the beetle, especially the newer ones! Thank you!
  5. New member, just bought 2nd beetle, need advice!

    New Member Forum
    Hi there! I'm a new member but have been using this site for a while now to try and learn as much as possible about my favorite car! Like all of you I am a beetle fanatic! My first car was a red 1999 bug when I was 17 (3 years ago). Bought it at 122k and with the help of my mechanic father it...
  6. 2000 V'dub Beetle

    New Member Forum
    Hi... I have a 2000 Beetle, have owned it since 2002. It has 225,000 km. Mostly highway miles. I have maintained this car very well, regular oil changes (synthetic oil), timing belt at 100,000 & 200,000, cv joint replaced, among other small things like brake lines etc. There is clunking sound at...
  7. Maintenance Suggestions

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    Hello all, I'm currently looking to buy a 01 GLX with the 1.8t. The price is right, but the beetle's been sitting for about 3 years from what the current owners have told me. Although, they still start it up from time to time. When they parked it, it had no problems and it still starts right up...
  8. Replacing Rear Wheel Bearing on Beetle TDI

    1.9 Liter TDI
    This post is from the archives of URL VW TDI Repair. The photos and text failed to upload properly. To view the complete project and 47 other how-to procedures go to the above URL. VW service professionals show you the steps that are required to replace the rear wheel bearings on your Beetle...