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manual transmission

  1. Head gasket kaput... looking for advice on the next steps

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    My head gasket has a small crack in the rear facing side. It’ll cost me around $2100 to fix. My car is Blue Book valued at around $1500-3500 (2002, 159,000 miles, MT). The thing is, my car is a Color Concept, one of the rare manuals as well. It’s got a custom carbon fiber hood as well. It’s a...
  2. Y'all, please help!

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    I have a 2000 Beetle 1.8L GLS Turbo Manual trans. I'm having a few problems with it and I hope someone can help me figure out whats wrong with my Babe!!! ??? 1) He will not take off on a hill if the A\C is on. 2) Cruise control just randomly quit working. 3) He will not idle without pumping...
  3. 2000 New Beetle GLX Turbo Hobby Car

    Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi all, Unfortunately last month my Beetle broke down, the timing belt broke and with where I am at in my life it wasn't worth it for me to repair. It is a manual, I have no had it taken to a mechanic to know if there was any major damage when the belt broke, but it'd be perfect for someone...
  4. Newbie gear oil question

    Transmission Talk
    My question pertains to a 1998 New Beetle Base Coupe with the 2.0L 8V gas engine and a 5 speed manual transmission. I'm going to have the gear oil changed in the transmission. My car is 15 years with just 19,000 original miles. However, I am it's seventh owner and I'd be surprised if the...
  5. Clutch seems to not be fully disengaging on 2003 Beetle

    Transmission Talk
    Strange issue I've been searching for in the forums but can't pin it down - maybe someone can help. A few weeks ago, my 2003 Beetle was experiencing issues putting into gear and would often slip - mostly only in 3rd and 4th gear. This only occurred for a few days and then completely stopped...
  6. rebuilt engine?

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    what does it mean when someone says they had the engine rebuilt? in example: 50,000 miles ago. does that mean that the previous mileage put on the car no longer matters? Theres a 2000 Beetle that im looking at and the guy says its up to date with everything and it has 180k miles on it but the...
  7. 1.9 TDi w Binding 5 speed, time to learn, replace and bust some knuckles!

    Transmission Talk
    :cool:Three weeks ago at a Jeep dealership 90 miles from home, I test drove a 2011 Jeep Rubicon. My wife and I tried to leave to sleep on our decision, but the Bug would not cooperate. Here's some background. 3 months ago the clutch was replaced. The work was done out of town due to the...
  8. My Bug won't move!

    Transmission Talk
    So I recently had an issue with my 99 1.8T MT Beetle, it wouldn't go in reverse, and seemingly, it would only move forward in what seemed to be third gear. I was able to limp home, and diagnosed a broken actuating arm in the shift linkage.:( After replacing the arm, and bolting everything back...