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  1. Making the best of a bad situation?

    Styling Modifications
    I just got my first NB yesterday (:D !) but I've noticed that on both sides of the roof in the back of the car (inside), the upholstery does not fit correctly. This basically leaves two gaps where I can see the actual top of the beetle. As reupholstering is not an option, does anyone have any...
  2. 2002 1.9l tdi

    New Member Forum
    Hello Everyone, My name is Rachel I am 17 years old and I own a 2002 1.9L TDI 5 speed. My friend and I have been working on it and have tried out a couple mods on it. We recently put a new intake filter on it which was a big difference. Also we tried the Evry Mod that a lot of people with...
  3. HELP: Make Exhaust Sound Louder

    Technical Modifications
    Hi, I recently got a resonator delete. I like the sound better than before, but I would like a little more loudness without dishing out much money.Any ideas on modifying it on the cheap? Only legal mods please! I probably will not go more than $50. Also, is there any way to drill out a silencer...
  4. Help With Lowering Beetle

    Styling Modifications
    Hi, I am a new driver with my first car being an 01 beetle. I would like to know how I could lower the ride height of the car without high prices and know it will be safe. Got any ideas? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :)