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  1. Styling Modifications
    I just got my first NB yesterday (:D !) but I've noticed that on both sides of the roof in the back of the car (inside), the upholstery does not fit correctly. This basically leaves two gaps where I can see the actual top of the beetle. As reupholstering is not an option, does anyone have any...
  2. New Member Forum
    Hello Everyone, My name is Rachel I am 17 years old and I own a 2002 1.9L TDI 5 speed. My friend and I have been working on it and have tried out a couple mods on it. We recently put a new intake filter on it which was a big difference. Also we tried the Evry Mod that a lot of people with...
  3. Technical Modifications
    Hi, I recently got a resonator delete. I like the sound better than before, but I would like a little more loudness without dishing out much money.Any ideas on modifying it on the cheap? Only legal mods please! I probably will not go more than $50. Also, is there any way to drill out a silencer...
  4. Styling Modifications
    Hi, I am a new driver with my first car being an 01 beetle. I would like to know how I could lower the ride height of the car without high prices and know it will be safe. Got any ideas? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :)
1-4 of 4 Results