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  1. Modifications 2012+
    Hey Beetle Forum! 👋 I am wanting a "spicier" spoiler for my 2015 R-line convertible. I really like the look of the Dune spoiler but am having trouble finding one available for purchase. Are there any other spoiler options for my model other than those huge bolt on ones? Do you know where I can...
  2. Technical Modifications
    how do you all pass smog with a catless downpipe? I don’t have a check engine light, would I be able to pass if they don’t do a visual inspection?
  3. Styling Modifications
    interested in upgrading my OEM headlights because they are pretty yellowed, however replacement OEM is pretty expensive and I would like to find third party LED lights, anyone know where I can get better headlights or if I can just upgrade the bulb? thanks
  4. Photos: New Beetles
    In the middle of a cosmetic refit inside and out! Touched/re-did all abs plastic (except dash...perfectly awesome) as was crumbling under the stress of sun and tears. *covered the ‘bolsters’ with a PVA type fabric that somewhat matched the dash. *reformed the card that housed the old broken...
  5. 2.0 Liter Gas
    Hello all, I am looking for some expertise on racing mods for a 1999 Beetle 2.0. The rule book is very open in my class, whereas the only engine mod that I am not allowed is a turbo. I've been looking at some racing cams from Tectonics, and I've just run out of knowledge. I know enough to get...
  6. Photos: New Beetles
    Hi guys Let me present my beetle Beetle Turbo S 2002 Plata Reflex 180 hp / 173 lb/ft The mods: Exterior: - Spoiler 2008 beetle hot wheels - Clear front side markers - Xenon 6000 k - Yellow extreme fog lights - "S" emblem red - Headlights black - Engine cover 3M carbon fiber - Aluminum short...
  7. New Member Forum
    Hi there! I'm a new member but have been using this site for a while now to try and learn as much as possible about my favorite car! Like all of you I am a beetle fanatic! My first car was a red 1999 bug when I was 17 (3 years ago). Bought it at 122k and with the help of my mechanic father it...
  8. New Member Forum
    LAST THREAD UPDATE: 9/18/2012 2012 VW Beetle 2.0L Turbo PURCHASED: 6/21/2012 15% Window Tint w/ Visor VW Kafer Message Plates Stock Engine MODIFICATIONS: 7/27/2012 APR Stage I Carbonio Cold Air Intake APR Stage II Carbonio Intake Piping APR Stage I Programming...
1-8 of 8 Results