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  1. Technical Modifications
    how do you all pass smog with a catless downpipe? I don’t have a check engine light, would I be able to pass if they don’t do a visual inspection?
  2. Styling Modifications
    interested in upgrading my OEM headlights because they are pretty yellowed, however replacement OEM is pretty expensive and I would like to find third party LED lights, anyone know where I can get better headlights or if I can just upgrade the bulb? thanks
  3. Photos: New Beetles
    In the middle of a cosmetic refit inside and out! Touched/re-did all abs plastic (except dash...perfectly awesome) as was crumbling under the stress of sun and tears. *covered the ‘bolsters’ with a PVA type fabric that somewhat matched the dash. *reformed the card that housed the old broken...
  4. 2.0 Liter Gas
    Hello all, I am looking for some expertise on racing mods for a 1999 Beetle 2.0. The rule book is very open in my class, whereas the only engine mod that I am not allowed is a turbo. I've been looking at some racing cams from Tectonics, and I've just run out of knowledge. I know enough to get...
  5. Photos: New Beetles
    Hi guys Let me present my beetle Beetle Turbo S 2002 Plata Reflex 180 hp / 173 lb/ft The mods: Exterior: - Spoiler 2008 beetle hot wheels - Clear front side markers - Xenon 6000 k - Yellow extreme fog lights - "S" emblem red - Headlights black - Engine cover 3M carbon fiber - Aluminum short...
  6. New Member Forum
    Hi there! I'm a new member but have been using this site for a while now to try and learn as much as possible about my favorite car! Like all of you I am a beetle fanatic! My first car was a red 1999 bug when I was 17 (3 years ago). Bought it at 122k and with the help of my mechanic father it...
  7. New Member Forum
    LAST THREAD UPDATE: 9/18/2012 2012 VW Beetle 2.0L Turbo PURCHASED: 6/21/2012 15% Window Tint w/ Visor VW Kafer Message Plates Stock Engine MODIFICATIONS: 7/27/2012 APR Stage I Carbonio Cold Air Intake APR Stage II Carbonio Intake Piping APR Stage I Programming...
1-7 of 7 Results