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  1. Monsoon FM issue

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    05 Monsoon radio AM works great. No issues at all with speakers and volume/fade/base/treble all work FM I can barely hear it on Max. Stock everything. Any ideas why AM would work perfect but not FM?
  2. Sound Advice on Monsoon Aftermarket Amp Replacement

    Car Audio
    Howdy, Beetle Friends. Here's the skinny: I have an '06 Beetle (hardtop) with aftermarket Pioneer head unit (DEH-X6500BT) and Pioneer three-ways in both the door positions and backseat positions (Can't find/remember Model #'s). Sounded great for a long time. Monsoon amp finally died and I want...
  3. Any fixes for the Monsoon Amp parasitic draw?

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    I bought my daughter a 2003 Cyber Green Color Concept Beetle 1.8T (APR flashed!) and she absolutely LOVES IT!! Except when she parks it and the battery dies! I have a Vag-Com, digital multi-meter and I'm pretty mechanically inclined, so let me state what I've found: When we bought the car, it...