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  1. 2004 Monsoon 8" Speakers

    Car Audio
    Hello all. Recently purchased a 2004 convertible with a Monsoon system knowing it had a bad right front door speaker thinking it was no big deal to replace it. After taking off the door panel and reviewing comments on this site and others I now know better. It seems like all of the information...
  2. Monsoon System I want to replace door subs.

    Car Audio
    Hi guys, there have been quite a few topics on this subject but they are all pretty complicated and I just want to know if can I replace my door speakers with some speaker from walmart thesePurchase Boss 6.5" 3-Way Speakers for less at Save money. Live better.. I undestand the door...
  3. Question Monsoon Stereo???

    Car Audio
    I have two questions????? 1: Looking at the picture below can anyone tell me if my stereo is a Monsoon System or not??? I have a six disc changer in the truck.. not sure about an AMP.. 2: If so can someone tell me of a great set of door speakers that will replace (they are busted) my door...
  4. OEM Part Number for Door Speakers

    Car Audio
    Does anyone know the OEM part number for the 6.75" speaker (woofer) in the door? I've got a 2003 Turbo S with the Monsoon system. The passenger side door speaker is blown. All I want to do is replace it with a stock one - don't need or want to upgrade. My local VW dealership wants $160 to...