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motor swap

  1. 2000 Beetle Standard Engine ID help

    Engine Swaps
    I purchased this beetle nearly 2 years ago. 2000 Beetle 5speed and was told that the motor was replaced a year or two earlier.Heres my problem, it began to over-heat and "knock" like the water pump or something is bad and it's overheating...another indicator that tells me water pump. So I have...
  2. 1.8T into a 2.0L

    Engine Swaps
    So there is a guy in my car club that is willing to sell me an AWD 1.8T block, pistons, rods, and crank for $150, but i could probably talk him down to $100. First question, is this a decent deal for these parts? Is there any interchangeability of any accessory parts between the 2.0 and the...