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  1. Car Audio
    I bought my 16 Y/O daughter a 2003 Cyber Green color concept 1.8T GLS 5-speed with 68K :) we both LOVE the carand it is exceptionally clean. It has the factory Monsoon tape deck and external 6-disk changer and works perfectly, although, it's technology is dated compared to a 16 Y/O's standards...
  2. Car Audio
    I have a 2003 beetle convertible with a monsoon sound system - no CD player. I've tried to play my mp3 player using a cassette adaptor. It works once then I can't get it to work again. The system will play cassettes. The cassette adaptor will work in other vehicles. I even bought a second...
  3. Car Audio
    Hey Guys, New in here and I am searching a way to make a connection with the sound system in my 2001 Beetle. I bought it without the cd changer and it would be more easy for me to connect through a cable a iphone3g/ipod rather than buy a original cd changer and when I press the CD button to...
1-3 of 3 Results