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new beetle convertible

  1. 2006-2010 NBC Wind Deflector / Windstop / Windscreen with bag

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    My wife an I no longer have our 2006 NBC, we've upgraded to a 2013! Due to this upgrade, we no longer have a need for the OEM Wind Deflector. We've just put it up on eBay. If anyone is interested, here's the link. VW Beetle Convertible Windstop Windscreen w Bag Fits 2006 2010 Free SHIP |...
  2. VW Beetle Convertible Wet Okole Neoprene Seat Covers

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    2006-2010 NBC Wet Okole Neoprene Seat Covers A while ago I posted here about some Wet Okole seat covers I no longer had a need for. No one seemed interested at the time; however I've finally gotten around to posting them on eBay, so here's the link if anyone is interested. VW Beetle...
  3. Need help installing a new aux input jack!!

    Car Audio
    2005 NBC with Monsoon premium sound... The problem: The sound coming through my speakers when I had my ipod plugged into the Aux input jack was cutting in and out. I tested my aux cable and a different ipod and the problem was repeated ensuring it wasn't my ipod, nor a faulty Aux cable...