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  1. Rear oval window/split covers for VWNB 2002

    Styling Modifications
    Hi all, I have seen some really interesting modifications to the member's NBs and love the retro take on some of them! The most interesting but elusive item i've seen is the rear window mods where there are oval or splitter covers for the NB (I AM LOOKING FOR ONE SO BAD IN TECHNO BLUE) but to...
  2. my first beetle

    New Member Forum
    I just bought a 2004 new beetle with heated seats, sunroof and all that. you know all the bell and whistles w.e. Been driving it for about a week loving the car. The only problem is when other people say its a girls car. i been thinking of ways i can make the car more masculine. My gas door was...
  3. 1999 New Beetle--can't get starter motor bolt out

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Hi, all I'm trying to get the starter motor out of a 1999 2.0L new bug so I can take it to my parts place to get it tested.(State of the car is Won't Start. Other electical things (lights, wipers and friends) work fine. Battery is brand new. Turn ignition key, starter gives one (1) click and...