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  1. New Beetle Parts and Accessories
    Looking for a roof rack for my '02 turbo S! Would love OEM but will consider anything!
  2. Car Audio
    After being without a car for a month after my beloved 1999 NB GLS got rear-ended (and totaled), I acquired a 2002 NB GLS that had a Monsoon cassette HU with a 6 CD changer in it. Impressed by the sound of the Monsoon system after having nothing but aftermarket in my previous ride (a Kenwood...
  3. Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hi there I need to replace the oem radio in my mother-in-law beetle and I am going to buy used either from a junk yard or from eBay. Do I have to match any numbers from the broken stock radio to the replacement used oem radio in order for it to work? Thank you!
  4. Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hey, does anybody know where I can find an OEM front license plate holder for a 2004 Turbo S? A part number would be great help too. PS. I just bought this car, but I am finding it next to impossible to find part numbers for the parts I need. Any ideas? Thanks, :cool:
  5. New Member Forum
    Hi- I just bought a 2002 VW Beetle turbo S. I bought is sight unseen (I know I know) from a dealer out of state. It was supposed to be a well maintained vehicle that actually belonged to the dealers son and I was given a list of things that were recently fixed on it. All pics looked good and Car...
  6. Vehicle Classifieds
    Purchased these back when ECS was blowing them out. I sold the car last year and no longer have a need for the mats. This is a full set of 4 OEM molded rubber floor mats with cloth covering. They are full mats with sides that run along the exhaust tunnel and door sills. These mats will work...
  7. Marketplace Archives
    I have luggage rack that came off my 05 bettle in good shape, I have all the keys for the lock. Local pickup or I can ship. Asking 150 text eight 5 nine 3 one 9 three 9 two 7. It was sprinkling rain when I brought these into take pictures. Located in Lexington Kentucky
  8. Technical Modifications
    Greetings all. My father just got a new 2012 Beetle. He didn't check with me before buying one straight off the lot, so I wasn't able to advise on options. His night vision isn't great and it's really important to me that he has HID headlamps for their greater contrast and throw (I went to a...
  9. Marketplace Archives
    GONE... VW OEM Roof Rack for New Beetle. Used and in great condition. Includes: Both bar systems with locks, two keys, allen wrench, new and uncut stripping (to seal channel), ships in its original box. You can add your own bike carrier, ski rack or luggage rack, etc, to these carrier bars...
  10. Marketplace Archives
    Hey, I need a factory radio with cd player and code to fit an 02 beetle. If anyone has one laying around that they have replaced with an aftermarket one that will great! THanks.
  11. Car Audio
    It's only around $70.00 so I just bought one. In the box w/code. here's the link http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Volkswagen-Beetle-Monsoon-radios-new-98-05-new-VW_W0QQitemZ280269736706QQcmdZViewItemQQptZCar_Audio_Video?_trksid=p4506.m20.l1116
  12. Marketplace Archives
    Hey all, I have these wheels for sale. I want 300 bucks. They have Michelins that still have plenty of tread left. Probably just under half. The rims don't have ANY scratches and come with centercaps. Cash only. Pick up only for the set. I would consider selling them individually and...
1-12 of 13 Results