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oxygen sensor

  1. Troubles

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    So I recently bought a 01 NB Gls 1.8t.. Black, love it so much! After 6 days of owning it I was pulling into the parking lot at my work. I'm a delivery driver. And the sleeve that connected my CAT to my muffler slid and my CAT hit the ground! Pulled out both of my O2 sensors. I was able to jack...
  2. CEL Problem throwing code for O2 Sensor

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    So I dont know what else to do..... I have had my codes for my CEL ran and it came up saying that it was running lean and that it was the downstream o2 sensor. I bought a cheapy from Amazon, disconnected my battery for about 30 mins, re-connected it and drove for a while.. seemed to be better...
  3. o2 sensor confusion

    2.0 Liter Gas
    My fiance and I have just purchased a 1998 NB with the 2.0L, knowing that the CEL was on for a bad o2 sensor (bank one sensor 2) I purchased a bosch direct fit sensor and replaced it, cleared the code, but just a little while down the road the light came back on. No big deal, maybe a bad...
  4. O2 sensor issue

    2.0 Liter Gas
    I see I'm not the only person with an O2 sensor problem, so here goes: When I bought my Bug a year ago, I was having tranny issues and the mechanics that looked at it, also found O2 sensor code when they were looking at the transmission. They looked at the sensor and determined it was brand...
  5. fuel pump relay wont stay on ....???

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    2001 beetle 1.8t, relay will activate for 3 seconds when the ignition is on, then turns off by it self, cutting off the 12v required to activate the fuel pump, maf and oxygen sensor. Also, when I turn on the ignition, the fuel pump will activate and sometimes there is no response. I checked the...
  6. O2 Sensor- CEL P0134 &P0135

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hi there! I have a yellow CEL, and the codes read as follows: P0134 : O2 sensor heater circ. bank 1 sensor 1 malfunction P0135 : O2 sensor circ. bank 1 sensor 1 no activity detected BEFORE I bring my beetle to a mechanic, I would like to be informed about whats actually wrong with my car...