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  1. Misfire code p0300, rats damaged my cables

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Hi new beetle team, I bought last month ago a 2000 VW 2.0L beetle, before I bought it the first owner told me that nobody was able to start the car and was already 9 years that it was staying in the owners garage. They was unable the determine why the car doesn't turn on, so I bought it and took...
  2. 99 Beetle Misfire Codes

    2.0 Liter Gas
    I have replaced the plugs and wires. Still having misfire problem. Pulled the following codes using Vag-Com 409 VAG-COM Version: Release 409.1-US Control Module Part Number: 06A 906 018 JE Component and/or Version: MOTRONIC M5.9.2 HS V01 Software Coding: 00000 Work...
  3. Several bad codes - spark knock?

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Hi all, new to the "new" bug family. Last one I had was a 74' and things have changed. I got a used 2000 with a 2.0 Car runs great once you get passed 40mph. Before that, especially under load, it seems to have a spark knock. It is definitely coming from top of the motor. (acts as though...