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paint colors

  1. Engine Type and Exterior/Interior Color by Year

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    I've been looking all over the Internet to find a site that lists all New Beetles by year and not only shows the paint colors, but the engine type as well. Bonus, if it included interior colors too. I'd like to see this info in general, but specifically I want to know if they made an Aquarius...

    Paint and Body
    This is absolutely the best paint chart/paint code reference site I have ever found. If you want to know what the color of your Bug is really called, this is the place to find that information. There was a post the other day, looking for something like this. I couldn't find the link, but I...
  3. Years of Introduction for the "Light Blues"

    Paint and Body
    Hi, I'd like to find out what years the "light blues" were introduced. 1. What was the first year of Aquarius Blue, and is it convertible only? 2. What was the first year of Heaven Blue Metallic? Is there just a Heaven Blue? Is it convertible only too? 3. I just discovered a new one...
  4. Every Color ever made!!!

    The New Beetle Experience
    My friends all play the most intence game of punch buggy you will ever see. Im banned from the game because I spot them before everyone else and I know all the actual color names so they gave me bettle owners imunity, lol. Im acatully so good at spoting them that they are now even learning the...