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  1. Interior DIY painting, need help with color :(

    Styling Modifications
    Dashboard DIY painting like "Techno Blue" color. Hello! I'm new in this forum :) I purchased my first NB (year 2000) some days ago, the interiors are awful, no, are terrible! But the machine was in pretty good condition so I bought it for a very good price (2,000 usd aprox) here in mexico...
  2. Interior Painting-getting the rubber off

    Paint and Body
    So i am currently doing the inside parts of my car and I have tried both Acetone and a degreaser called Purple Power. the acetone worked ok, but not as good as the Purple Power. I soaked the parts over night and just used a scrub pad to wipe it off. It works like a charm!! The best thing for it...
  3. Painting Engine Cover and Cloth Door Panel?

    Paint and Body
    I searched ALL over the forums for a how-to so sorry if I missed it ^__^; How EXACTLY should I paint the engine cover? Is it like the door handles and I have to sand it then prime? Or just clean it off really well and then paint? (Sorry I'm a TOTAL newbie to ANYTHING automotive...) Also I...
  4. Interior Painting

    Paint and Body
    On my old car, a 2001 saturn sc1, I had painted bits of the interior red to match the outside of the car... I really like how it turned out and so did everyone that ever rode in my car... my question is what color should i use to paint a few pieces inside the VW (door handles, bits around the...