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  1. New to this, help me out!

    Photos: New Beetles
    So I finally got around to taking some photos. I live in Vancouver but will be driving this buggy to Toronto by the end of the summer. It will be a heck of a journey and I hope he'll make it through! I'm also looking for some new rims and I have a few ideas. I'm mainly looking for OEM Porsche...
  2. Beetles I Have Known

    Photos: New Beetles
    This is my collection of Beetles I have seen in my wanderings. I just love Beetles, new and old. I love the custom paint jobs, the different ways they're utilized, and how determinedly cheerful they stay no matter how they're used.
  3. FS: DSLR Pentax K110D 18-55mm Lens Kit

    Non-VW Related Items
    SOLD!! Thanks for looking.