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  1. Vinyl wrapping a VW Beetle Convertible

    Styling Modifications
    The plan: Vinyl wrap a beautiful light blue 06 VW Beetle Convertible pink for my daughter. Reason: She is graduating from college on May 16! Also, It gives me a reason to really get to know this car and the vinyl is easily removable in the future if she decides she would rather drive a light...
  2. Pink 2001 1.8T new beetle-NEEDS ENGINE! :(

    Vehicle Classifieds
    Sellin my poor beetle. Broke a piston. :( located in Southern California. PINK 2001 VW New Beetle 1.8 Turbo 5 speed NEEDS ENGINE
  3. Doors Rattle!

    Paint and Body
    I have 1998 pink vw beetle my doors rattle like crazy both on the drivers and pasengers side. I hate the noise so I choose to listen to music loud enough to not hear them. The door has a wide enough gap between the door handle and the rest of the door for me to fit a piece of paper which makes...
  4. Pink Beetle Appreciation Society tees!

    Miscellaneous Hoo-Ha
    Hello! I own a pink newbeetle ( you can see it in the "official pink beetle thread") and I made some tees for pink beetle/car fans. This is my own drawing and design. I just wanted to share them with you because I love how they turned out! Thanks for looking! Source: ninkybink clothing
  5. 2005 Convertible beetle gls pink all inside

    Vehicle Classifieds
    Car has 62,300 miles ... Got the car custom done recently and new tires last week....I just got a new fuel filter , spark plugs, breaks, oil change, front alignment & front axle... comes with pink floor meats and everything in the car seat covers are wet okles and 500 all together for just...
  6. Clear Corners and Others!

    Marketplace Archives
    Hey all! Remember me?! :) I'm moving and have been cleaning out my garage. I found a brand new set of front clear corners I'd like to sell. They've been in a plastic bag since I've had them and were never used. The only thing they don't have is the little plastic square that covers the...
  7. Potential Transaxle problem

    Transmission Talk
    Hey everyone, hopefully I can get some help on here. I have an Automatic 1999 VW beetle that has been working fine for the past few months apart from shifting fairly hard when going into 2nd or 3rd. Yesterday after it had been parked for about 24 hours I noticed a small leak underneath it. It...
  8. yayy more pink stuff

    Paint and Body
    We finally did it. My babe, Charlie was a painter in a body shop before he met me. He's awesome with s spray can:D
  9. My New Beetle!

    Photos: New Beetles
    This is Carmella(: Ever since kindergarten i've wanted a beetle because my teacher drove a red one and i thought she was the bext thing in the world so now at 18 i finally was able to purchase one. Ignore me here but this is a favorite of mine. I just washed it and yeah those are eyelashes but...
  10. Black UK Audi S3 powered 1998, Mods a plenty.

    Photos: New Beetles
    Been a member since this place started, had a build thread but decided to junk that due to a few nasty people. However i think its about time i let people see what ive been up to again with my daily... If you wanna know about anything or see more pics, post up and ill post a picture. There is...
  11. Pink and black interior(:

    Styling Modifications
    Darby my sweet 16 gift and major project: I forgot to take before pictures but she was a mess. Her headliner was in horrible shape, her door panel cover things were falling off, the paint on her steering wheel spokes was faded and her drivers side window did not work. But i fixed it all and made...
  12. MY girlfriend Pink 2000 1.8t GLX

    Photos: New Beetles
    i just paint my girlfriend car , installed magnaflow exhaust, forge splitter. tinted 20% front and 5% back.
  13. My New Pink 2000 GLS beetle!

    New Member Forum
    Hello! I'm new! I just bought a 2000 GLS New Beetle to replace my 97 Ford Probe which is falling apart. I have wanted a beetle since before I could drive, and I have browsed these forums for a long time dreaming of the day I'd find one I could afford to buy. Well...long story short I got a green...
  14. Tyra the pink+black bug!

    Photos: New Beetles
    I got my first 2000 Turbo beetle about 9 months ago. I love pink(to put it lightly) and started to customize my beetle to my liking. All modification are mostly cosmetic and done ALL BY MYSELF. And I think this quite awesome because I am mechanically challenged and took apart the car piece by...