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  1. Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Any answers?
  2. New Member Forum
    We are Riverview church in junction city oregon; and help the poor fix their cars. we have VCDS version 18 and HEX CAM . PROBLEM.......... will not turn off.... starts great most of time... a few cranks and no run but that happened just twice. ARE the relays in the right holes??? where does...
  3. Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    If anybody can help me, I've recently been getting problems with my 2002 beetle that I purchased in june. It's been running great until recently i got the low coolant warning on my dashboard, so i filled it up to the suggested limit and went that lasted for a bit now my ac air is just warm...
  4. Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hi! Just bought a 2000 Beetle GLX 1.8T. The ABS, EPC, BRAKE are all on when the car starts up, and theres a loud annoying sound when the car is moving. I checked the fuse for ABS and it was not burnt or blown. Any idea on what to do :( Also, AC is not working, and when the car starts you can...
  5. New Beetle Convertible
    I'll keep it brief. the main point is that the microswitches controlling the top locking motors are mounted using a screw through an oval slot. They can work loose over time so that the end of the moving arm on the motor fails to operate the switch. The switch itself is OK it's just not getting...
  6. New Beetle Convertible
    I have a 2008 beetle convertible. When I put the roof down, all windows drop a little to allow the roof to go down. All windows will go down independently or with the "all windows" button, but the nearside rear window won't come up on its own. The other 3 windows come up independently, and all...
  7. New Member Forum
    The passenger side headlight on my 03 beetle seems to be shorting out. It is out sometimes and then comes back on again later. Can I fix this myself or do I need to take it into a dealer? Can I just replace the bulb?
  8. Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Recently I lost spare key for my 2002 VW Beetle. I had been using this key for the past few months as the original key had stopped allowing me to start the car. Ive had someone come out to the car and try to program the original key back to the car but he has said that the immobiliser in the...
  9. Car Audio
    installed an eclipse radio in my 2000 tdi beetle and my illumination on radio blinks/strobes i can speed it up or slow it down with the dimmer anyone know a way i can bypass the pulse off this wire and still keep my illumination?
  10. New Member Forum
    I have a 2003 VW Beetle 1.8 T and have recently had issues with it, specifically, on the RPMs. I turn on my Bug and after a while the RPMs start sort of going up and down a bit (engine seems to want to shut off) kinda like if you were to be slightly reving on and off your engine with the gas...
  11. New Beetle Convertible
    Hi everyone, It's the 4th of July, it's nice and sunny... the perfect day for my top to stop closing! I've read a bunch of related threads on the forum, but don't have a fix yet, so it's time to post. I was pulling up to a BBQ when the top of my 2003 NBC refused to come back up. The four...
  12. Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    So the MIL light on my '02 Beetle came on unexpectedly. I was wondering if anyone might know what the problem might be and how to correct it. thanks.
  13. Transmission Talk
    Hi new beetle enthusiast ! i buy this bug from a friend, and i work on it before to drive and when i done!!! mmmm the transmission only works on 1st and 2nd gear mmm i dont about that ... and im new on this org to , if somebody can helpme please ??? vw new beelte 1.8t auto/ trany...
  14. Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hello, my girlfriend just got a 2003 Convertible New Beetle. The soft top works wonderfully, it unlatches and starts to go down, but then when it gets most of the way down, it makes a jamming sound and stops moving. After driving a little bit like that, the warning light for it goes on. One of...
  15. Car Audio
    I have a 2000 NB with the original factory radio, not the Monsoon. It has developed a delay when turning on. By that I mean, When the car is started or just the radio is turned on the display powers up and looks normal but no sound comes out of the speakers. It will typically remain silent for a...
  16. 1.8 Liter Turbo
    recently everytime i start the car in the morning, it doesnt idle that good. and my boost gauge is dancing around 0 psi. and sometime the engine will stall and died . but after i start the car again for the 2nd time, no problem at all.
1-16 of 16 Results