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  1. 2.0T Turbo
    EDIT: Here are the specs for the 2015 Beetle R-line manual transmission. Numbers may or may not be similar for other models. - Tighten in a diagonal pattern. - First tighten all bolts to 10 nm. - For cars with M10 bolts - tighten to 70 nm. - For cars with M8 bolts - tighten...
  2. Modifications 2012+
    Hey Beetle Forum! 👋 I am wanting a "spicier" spoiler for my 2015 R-line convertible. I really like the look of the Dune spoiler but am having trouble finding one available for purchase. Are there any other spoiler options for my model other than those huge bolt on ones? Do you know where I can...
  3. 2.0T Turbo
    Hi, I looking for the physical differences between these 2 engines. R-Line = 210hp 2018/19 = 174hp Are they the same engine, just that one is detuned? Will APR boost both engine to the same hp/torque? Thanks, York
1-3 of 3 Results