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    or Thule, or whatever fits on a 2001 NB. Thanks! :)
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    I have luggage rack that came off my 05 bettle in good shape, I have all the keys for the lock. Local pickup or I can ship. Asking 150 text eight 5 nine 3 one 9 three 9 two 7. It was sprinkling rain when I brought these into take pictures. Located in Lexington Kentucky
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    I leased a 2007 Beetle and bought a roof rack and ski/snowboard racks for it. The lease was up and I didn't buy it. I need to sell this stuff. I paid around $300 for it. Asking $100. I am in Seattle. Please send email to gavin dot coulter at comcast dot net.
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    FS: PIP Roof Rack with dual bike attachment in California ** Special price until end of 2010 is $350!!! ** Located in northern California, near Sacramento, and decided to sell my nice condition PIP Roof Rack for $500. The sweet thing about this rack, is not only is it in real nice condition...
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    I drive a 2002 New Beetle and the roof is currently naked. I'm looking for a complete base setup plus a bike and snowboard attachments. I'm traveling across country and would like to have both my road bike and snowboard ride up top together. Anyone trying to sell theirs?
  6. Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    I got VW ski/snowboard rack to mount on my existing VW base rack. Ski rack is shorter than the base rack. Therefore I have a couple of questions. Should I center it or can I secure it closer to driver's side? Should I fill open space in base rack profile with a piece of rubber that I had to take...
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    Wanna help me out? :)
1-7 of 8 Results