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  1. WANTED: used Factory VW base bars/rack

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    or Thule, or whatever fits on a 2001 NB. Thanks! :)
  2. OEM luggage/roof rack came off a 05 beetle

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    I have luggage rack that came off my 05 bettle in good shape, I have all the keys for the lock. Local pickup or I can ship. Asking 150 text eight 5 nine 3 one 9 three 9 two 7. It was sprinkling rain when I brought these into take pictures. Located in Lexington Kentucky
  3. Roof Rack w/Ski Rack Attachments, fit 2007 New Beetle, Seattle, $100

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    I leased a 2007 Beetle and bought a roof rack and ski/snowboard racks for it. The lease was up and I didn't buy it. I need to sell this stuff. I paid around $300 for it. Asking $100. I am in Seattle. Please send email to gavin dot coulter at comcast dot net.
  4. PIP Roof Rack with dual bike attachment in California

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    FS: PIP Roof Rack with dual bike attachment in California ** Special price until end of 2010 is $350!!! ** Located in northern California, near Sacramento, and decided to sell my nice condition PIP Roof Rack for $500. The sweet thing about this rack, is not only is it in real nice condition...
  5. Seeking Roof Rack

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    I drive a 2002 New Beetle and the roof is currently naked. I'm looking for a complete base setup plus a bike and snowboard attachments. I'm traveling across country and would like to have both my road bike and snowboard ride up top together. Anyone trying to sell theirs?
  6. Should I cover open space in base rack profile left after ski rack?

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    I got VW ski/snowboard rack to mount on my existing VW base rack. Ski rack is shorter than the base rack. Therefore I have a couple of questions. Should I center it or can I secure it closer to driver's side? Should I fill open space in base rack profile with a piece of rubber that I had to take...
  7. Bike rack for sale? Surf rack for sale?

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    Wanna help me out? :)