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relay panel

  1. 2005 NBC Relay panel

    New Beetle Convertible
    I have a 2005 NBC 1.8 turbo. I have a parasitic draw on my battery of 0.6 amps. After much testing and disassembly, I have determined the draw is in one of the red wires that connects to the bottom of the relay panel under the dash left of the steering column. There are 5 terminals on the bottom...
  2. Fuse Card

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    I know my fuse card does not provide much info other than the number of the fuse and then an icon that you are supposed to decipher. :confused: However, on another vw site forum site, I found this handy diagram. It is pretty much standard and I hope that it can help y'all. :)