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  1. New Beetle Parts and Accessories
    Looking for a Thule or OEM
  2. Modifications
    Hello everyone! This is my first post to the forum! I am working on an 05 convertible that I plan to lift and turn into a (semi) off roader. I want to add a cargo basket, but being a convertible there are no options out there other than the trunk mounted ones. The question I have, has anyone...
  3. New Beetle Parts and Accessories
    Looking for a roof rack for my '02 turbo S! Would love OEM but will consider anything!
  4. Styling Modifications
    Anyone selling or know anybody that's selling their OEM New Beetle roof racks? Very interested
  5. Styling Modifications
    Hey everyone! I am looking to put a roof rack on my 2000 tdi. What brands/ models have worked for your beetle? Thanks!
  6. New Beetle Parts and Accessories
    Hello, I no longer have my '01 TDI and am in the process of liquidating extra wheels & accessories, most notably a PIP Roof Rack that I bought in 2002 but never installed. It has been sitting in my basement and is in very good condition, complete with all of the mounting hardware. My eBay seller...
  7. New Beetle Parts and Accessories
    Great and hard to find PIP roof rack silver with wooden slats. I had this for my 98 Beetle, but that car left a while ago and the rack has been sitting in the garage. Rack is complete with air jammer front and matching round crossbars from PIP as well. The rack mounts in the roof channels of...
  8. Marketplace Archives
    My wife and I bought this rack in 2012 from REI in Seattle. We just sold our 05 Beetle TDI (needing to downsize our fleet) and the buyers didn't want the rack so here we are. I'm asking $300 obo. Here are the details from Yakima's site: Q TOWERS 4 PACK SYSTEM MSRP $505 USD CHOOSE IT No...
  9. Vehicle Classifieds
    Looking for a Retro styled roof rack, ideally a PIP, in good condition for my Daughter's 99 Beetle. She's a great kid, and a bit of a hippie chick, who's always loved Bugs and Minis. We now have a nice little Black 99 Beetle, that she's decided she wants to do SoCal style. Please email me if you...
  10. Marketplace Archives
    or Thule, or whatever fits on a 2001 NB. Thanks! :)
  11. Styling Modifications
    Hello! I have been searching the net for sometime now, to try and find out if you can buy a Flat4 or a Pip roof rack for the new type beetle. With no look what's so ever has brought me here. My question is, can you buy a flat4 type or Pip roof rack for a 2001 (51 plate) 2.0 beetle? I have found...
  12. Technical Modifications
    Hej folks, I have the new beetle 2012 with the glas roof window and was wondering if the Thule system for the new beetle works with the roof window. Does anybody has experience with this? the space between the rim and the roof window seems pretty small. The system i was thinking about is based...
  13. Marketplace Archives
    GONE... VW OEM Roof Rack for New Beetle. Used and in great condition. Includes: Both bar systems with locks, two keys, allen wrench, new and uncut stripping (to seal channel), ships in its original box. You can add your own bike carrier, ski rack or luggage rack, etc, to these carrier bars...
  14. Vehicle Classifieds
    I'm stepping out of the VW scene for a bit and need to sell my Beetle. I've had it for a couple of years and am moving on to something different for now. 149,000 miles, 5spd manual, K&N Drop-in, otherwise mechanically stock. Will need exhaust replaced. The exhaust has a bad leak and the cat...
  15. Marketplace Archives
    I leased a 2007 Beetle and bought a roof rack and ski/snowboard racks for it. The lease was up and I didn't buy it. I need to sell this stuff. I paid around $300 for it. Asking $100. I am in Seattle. Please send email to gavin dot coulter at comcast dot net.
  16. Marketplace Archives
    We'll be driving between CA and MA in a few weeks, then from MA to FL two weeks later, could therefore pick it up from you if you are vaguely near those routes... let me know
  17. Marketplace Archives
    Hi all, I have a New Beetle factory roof rack and bike fork mount to sell. My Beetle was a lease but I bought the racks myself so I kept them and no longer have a use for them as I bought a different VW this time around. Racks are two years old. Great condition. Comes with everything you'd...
  18. Marketplace Archives
    I am trying to sell my PIP roof rack from a new beetle I previously owned. It needs a bit of elbow grease but is in pretty good shape. This rack can really make your car look unique. I am selling it for $350 or best offer. Please email [email protected] OR call 206-550-9423
  19. Marketplace Archives
    I am trying to sell the PIP Roof Rack off of a "New Beetle" that I already sold. It is in pretty good condition, though needs a bit of light sanding and finishing. Other than that, it is great and was great for me. It was used on a 2002 New Beetle. This is so classic and really gives any Beetle...
  20. Marketplace Archives
    Up for sale is my Thule 752 New Beetle roof rack. It has been very well cared for and always been removed and stored during spring, summer, and fall (it was used for for the winter). Only used for 3 seasons before we sold the beetle. Includes feet, load bars, locks, and 3 keys Fits 1998 -...
1-20 of 22 Results