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  1. Seat comfort - Original New Beetle vs. Facelift New Beetle

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hi All, Has anyone here owned a pre-facelift Beetle (98-05) and ALSO owned facelift model (06-10)? If so, could you tell me if there was a noticeable difference to the seats - specifically, lower back comfort? Thank you, Stephen --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- Backstory: (pun intended) ---...
  2. 2012 Beetle Passenger seat fold forward not working

    Questions, Issues or Problems with 2012+ Beetle
    Hello! I have a 2012 beetle, and we started having a problem recently. The passenger side fold-forward seat handle doesn't work anymore (pulling the handle up doesn't do anything). The cable itself is NOT broken, I can see pulling motion on the handle moving the mechanism down at the bottom. I...
  3. Leather seat mold removal color concept

    New Beetle Detailing/Cleaning
    Greetings I found a 2002 color concept (orange) in a junk yard and needing to know how to clean the blackish mold off the seats or avoid buying them ($30/Set)? Are they salvageable? I already got the floor mats, parking brake, arm rest and passenger bar out of it. Floor mats, parking brake...
  4. WANTED: 2000 Vw New Beetle Heated Seats

    Marketplace Archives
    I have a 2000 vw beetle, and I have leather heated seats, but the leather is tearing. So, I wanted to purchase all new seats in my car, (and the 2 front heated seats). Does anybody know where I could get seats from another bug to put in my car? Can I put younger model vw beetle seats (like...
  5. FS- Replacement Seat Bases & Tracks

    Marketplace Archives
    Someone, just in the last week or so, had a broken seat track. Here are a RH & LH running on eBay right now that just came across my email. Not my listings. LH Front Seat Base Frame Track VW Beetle Golf 98-05 2DR - eBay (item 280637766433 end time Mar-31-11 08:44:20 PDT) RH Front Seat...
  6. FS: Gray Leatherette seat set, leather steering wheel

    Marketplace Archives
    FS: Gray Leatherette seat set Seats are from a 2001, non-heated, with airbags and head restraints (all four). Driver's seat has a small snag on the upper backrest (pictured), and the passenger's seat has a small cut on the lower bottom cushion (pictured). Back seat is in great condition. Small...
  7. FS MD; '06 Black Leather Seats, F&R, heated

    Marketplace Archives
    There have been several threads lately of ppl looking for "new" seats. These are in MD, look real decent for the money, and can be bought for $500 + $150 S&H Not my seats, not my auction! VW Volkswagen Bug Beetle Leather Seats 1998-2010 - eBay (item 220708872784 end time Jan-08-11 06:15:36 PST)
  8. 2000 Tan Seats for Sale

    Marketplace Archives
    I have just changed out my seats from Tan to Black. I am selling my Tan seats. $175 for the two front seats and $150 for the back seats with the tan trunk cover. All seats are in great shape except they need to be cleaned. They all have the open head rest and will post pictures in a bit. I...
  9. FS: 2000 NB Silver door panels and cloth seats

    Marketplace Archives
    :) I need to sell used NB cloth interior and door panels. They are water stained but I think cleanable. Roommates want the garage space back so I need to downsize. Please make a reasonable offer. Would love to get rid of as a set but willing to part out to get it gone. If you want to pay...