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  1. 1.8 Liter Turbo
    I am the owner of a 2004 New Beetle 1.8t GLS Convertible with a 09G 6 speed Tiptronic transmission (95,500 miles), and I was trying to find out why the Tiptronic does not work anymore. Taking the center console off, checking that all magnets are in place (Fig. 1), I tool the car for a ride on...
  2. Transmission Talk
    Hey everyone, I got a big problem at hand and any advice would help a lot. Recently, the plastic carrier (part #1J0-711-256) broke on my girlfriend's 99 NB 5 speed and so I got a new one from the dealer for $40 bucks! -_- It was easy enough replacing it but when I did the car would be stuck in...
  3. New Member Forum
    Hi everyone, my name's Lee and I'm a VW noob :D I've worked on older import cars but nothing with a hydraulic clutch and now I think I have a big problem on my hands. I'm working on my gf's 99 NB 5sp I can't seem to readjust the gear selector cable. The carrier for the gear selector cable...
  4. Transmission Talk
    :mad:Driving along and went to shift into forth gear and shift linkage broke and was not able to shift at all. Stayed in third with a ton of play in the shifter. Did the shift linkage break cable break? Help Please
  5. Transmission Talk
    So I recently had an issue with my 99 1.8T MT Beetle, it wouldn't go in reverse, and seemingly, it would only move forward in what seemed to be third gear. I was able to limp home, and diagnosed a broken actuating arm in the shift linkage.:( After replacing the arm, and bolting everything back...
1-5 of 5 Results