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  1. VW Shift Boot Compatibly?

    Styling Modifications
    First-time poster here :) I would like to replace the old shift boot and knob in my 5-speed manual 2002 Beetle. I found this really sleek looking set online when googling "yellow beetle shift knob" (I want it to match the yellow theme of my double yellow color-concept model) However, it says...
  2. 2014 Automatic big mistake?

    Transmission Talk
    Did I make a huge mistake getting the 2014 5-cyl automatic? The transmission shifts prematurely into upper gears, according to the mechanic, an attempt to comply with the CAFE standards for gas mileage. Frequently, I'm stuck in 5th or 6th with rpm under 800 and the engine languishing. I have...
  3. 98 Beetle (diesel / manual) won't shift

    Transmission Talk
    I have a manual beetle. It is a 98 diesel. I have noticed the shifting going down to 1st and 2nd a little sticky. Yesterday it stopped downshifting all together. It would shift up and go into neutral but not down. It will shift between the gears when the engine is turned off. Also, when stopped...
  4. Help! Broken shift cable.

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    I need conformation before I order some parts and anyone with shift / selector cable knowledge would be a big help right now. I have a 2.0L 2000 beetle 5speed. THe forward / backward moving cable snapped. I believe this is the shift cable? Which makes the side to side cable the selector cable? I...
  5. 2002 Beetle 2.0 Limp Mode TCM

    New Member Forum
    Short Version: I have a faulty TCM. Dealer wants $1,500. I am interested in doing the swap myself with a used TCM, if it would be practical to do so. Any suggestions? Long Version: I have a 2002 Beetle GL 2.0 Auto with 150,000 (new transmission at 110,000). Recently, car has been going into...
  6. 2001 automatic shift problems

    Transmission Talk
    I've recently acquired a 2001 and it has some interesting transmission problems I'm hoping someone else has run into. 1) When cold it shifts normally 2) Once warmed up it is prone to shifting failures - longer than normal slides between shifts - failure to fully engage 4th gear -...
  7. EXTREMELY hard shifting...possible tranny problem?

    Transmission Talk
    My automatic 99 shifts extremely hard, pretty much into every gear. When it shifts, it ranges from a little lag to a full out jolt of the car. It worries car is my baby and I'm really hoping it's not anything too serious. Have any of you ever experienced this? Does anyone know the...
  8. Yay! I finally solved my bug's hesitation problem!

    The New Beetle Experience
    Changed the pre-cat O2 sensor a week ago. No hesitation since! This has been bothering me for years!