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  1. Location of knock sensor 1 and blower/electrical problem

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hi, I'm new to the group. My partner and I came into a 1.8L turbo manual 2002 beetle for free! It needs a bit of work but two things first. 1) I'm looking for knock sensor 1, I had the check engine light come on and it was that code. Is it this nut with a little yellow paint on the front...
  2. 2005 VW Beetle 2.0 / Convertible wont start please help

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Purchased a 2005 VW Beetle 2.0 / Convertible on Tuesday. Took it to the our mechanic on Wednesday to schedule to have routine timing belt replaced and other maintenance done to it. We also had him look to see what the small rattle was we were hearing from the drivers side thinking a bracket or...
  3. Trunk opening in first

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    I have a 2000 new beetle with the 1.8 turbo. I just had to replace the ignition switch. But after coming home from the shop, I started experiencing new problems. When I put Annabeth into first, and then move and have to stop again (without getting out of first) her trunk pops open. It's not...
  4. The shortest T2 Transporter on earth

    Photos: Other Rides
    how do you like it? I find it very funny (: the shortest T2 ever
  5. marker light short 2002 turbo S

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Short on r/h side markers front and rear and taillight inop.What are areas to investigate first?:
  6. R/H marker and Taillights shorted out

    New Member Forum
    I've got a 2002 Turbo S with r/h side marker and tail lights blowing 5 amp fuse. I know it is a short issue and spent some time in front of car looking for wire harness. I can see it but can't touch it. Would like to know the most obvious location for a short to occur, before I completely tear...
  7. Independent filmmaking

    I guess this can go here as this is as close to filmmaking as is available in this forum. Here is my filmmaking website, with links to a couple of short films that I have made. (not for kids)