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spark plug

  1. Engine light skipping and misfiring?

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Hi, I have read a few posts on this but I wanted some input on my own situation, before I go the garage and they suck me dry of all my money. People on here are usually so helpful, so I just want some insight before I go into the garage. So I've recently had issues with my VW Beetle Automatic...
  2. Aftermarket MAF & Stealership Visit

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    I'll try to get straight to the point. My wife's 2005 NBC Turbo with only about 50K miles. Took it to stealership - I KNOW I KNOW, tell my wife- last fall for spitting sputtering issues. They did bunches of stuff and recommended new MAF - $300. I said enuf, ordered a generic on Ebay for about...
  3. Ignition Coils in 2003 Beetle keep going out!!!!

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    Loosing my mind here people! I have replaced all the spark plugs and the coils on my 2003 Beetle Turbo 1.8L at least 4 times, but the coils keep going out. I will replace one and it will work for like 30-45 days and then go out again, since I did not replace them all at the same time they go out...
  4. Looking for some how-to's (Spark Plugs, Timing Belt, and Water Pump )

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Been searching around for a while, and cannot find how-to's on the Spark Plugs, Timing Belt, and Water Pump. Have an over heating situation where the engine is not seized. Probable issues: Timing Belt, Water Pump, Head Gasket. Will document the process and findings to update all about issues...
  5. how to change spark plug

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    i am planning to replace my spark plug on 1.8t new beetle. is there a tutorial for that?
  6. 2001, 2.0 Spark Plug Gap

    2.0 Liter Gas
    Spark Plug Gap Help Hi I just got some new spark plugs and was wondering what to set the gap for. I have a 2001 New Beetle, 2.0 liter. Nappa said to set them for .043 My boyfriend accidentally set them to .048 Is that a big enough difference to redo them?
  7. No plug wires?

    2.5 Liter Gas
    Decided to do a tune up on the car. I went to autozone and got some plugs. They said they didn't have any plug wires. there computer wasn't even showing a part number. I tried 2 other auto parts stores and the same thing. No one offers a aftermarket replacement yet?