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  1. Modifications 2012+
    Hey Beetle Forum! 👋 I am wanting a "spicier" spoiler for my 2015 R-line convertible. I really like the look of the Dune spoiler but am having trouble finding one available for purchase. Are there any other spoiler options for my model other than those huge bolt on ones? Do you know where I can...
  2. 1.8 Liter Turbo
    My 2003 1.8T ("Color Concept") New Beetle's spoiler is starting to degrade; the parts that slide against each other to pop it up have been corroding and it looks like in some places the corrosion has destroyed what looks like a plastic-y outer layer. The specific reasons I say it's degraded...
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    Marketplace Archives
  4. Marketplace Archives
    Hey I want to find a spoiler like the caractere beetle spoiler. My beetle is painted in Reflex Silver Metallic. But I also found something similar on ebay..so I just wanna see if someone has one laying around and they don't need it. Name your price.
  5. Styling Modifications
    My front grill/fascia, where my fog lights go, has been broken since I bought my car. I am looking for an after market replacement for this. I don't really want the stock look, so I was wondering if there is a company that makes new or different ones? I have looked on e-bay and found only...
  6. Marketplace Archives
    If anyone has one, name your price!:thup: Thanks, Danika (2002 Silver TDI owner):D
  7. Styling Modifications
    I have a 00-TDI, GLS with no factory spoilers or anything. I read about that one guy who built a giant boat tail that corrected the airflow problems caused by the cars shape, however I don't want anything so drastic. I know that most factory options do little, yet I am intrigued by the turbo...
  8. Paint and Body
    So i have this wing on my car,(not the automatic spoiler that comes with the turbo) and the edges are cracking and its leaking, which resulted in rust dripping down my car from the bolts rusting. Does anyone know the best way to seal the cracks and the best way to get the rust out of my...
  9. Marketplace Archives
    looking to swap for 2002+ spoiler motor with my 2000 unit anyone out there that want there spoiler to go up at about 85 and down at the next full stop let me know i would like to do an even trade
  10. Vehicle Classifieds
    Looking for a Freedom Design spoiler, salsa red and available in Canada. If it matters, needs to fit a 2006 VW beetle and be available in Canada (near Toronto, Ontario) Thanks!
1-10 of 10 Results