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  1. 2012 Beetle - Remote won't unlock driver's side door

    Questions, Issues or Problems with 2012+ Beetle
    So I got my Bug last October and it's been working perfectly until last month. Since last month for some reason when I try to unlock the car, it won't unlock the driver's side door. It'll unlock the passenger side (if I try it a few times) and the trunk (not even by pressing the trunk unlock...
  2. Comfort Control Module? VW Beetle 2.0 GLS

    2.0 Liter Gas
    :confused: Hi, I have a couple of questions about the comfort control module. 2 weeks ago I took the door panels off to paint the black rubberized coated (nasty looking top part of the door) and when i put it all back together the door locks and window from the driver side did not work. I took...
  3. HELP! Instrument Cluster Issues!! 2000 Beetle 2.0

    New Member Forum
    Hi everyone...I purchased a little bug about a week ago from someone on craigslist and Im in love with my little bug (2000 2.0 atm). The problem is that I took it for the emission inspection to be able to register the car and it did not pass since the check engine light did not come one when...
  4. HELP: Make Exhaust Sound Louder

    Technical Modifications
    Hi, I recently got a resonator delete. I like the sound better than before, but I would like a little more loudness without dishing out much money.Any ideas on modifying it on the cheap? Only legal mods please! I probably will not go more than $50. Also, is there any way to drill out a silencer...