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  1. Styling Modifications
    I currently live in Bridgeport, CT i seen theres a few places here that do tint, wondering if theres anyone at all that have had some work done in this area, and if not what part of CT and are they professional or just plain ghetto ... and do a shotty job?
  2. Styling Modifications
    I have an 09 ivory colored beetle with a tan interior and am thinking of getting the windows tinted. im having trouble deciding what % tint i should get... im thinking of 20% all around (except the windshield) since the interior is tan (or is that too dark?) what % tint would you guys suggest...
  3. New Member Forum
    okay, so i am planning to get my windows tinted on my 02 vw beetle, it is platnium grey, BEAUTIFUL :) but im having trouble picking out where i want to put my name on my car (decals) if you have any decals on your car, will you please pleas post a picture of it, espically if your name is on...
1-3 of 3 Results