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  1. 2008 New Beetle goes through gears without braking

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hello everyone, I’m new in this community, even though I always read the posts and find accurate solutions. However, I’m going crazy right now, here’s the thing: I removed the center console on my wife’s 2008 Automatic (TipTronic) New Beetle to change the 12v outputs, and because the magnet on...
  2. Confusedanddazed

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Ok, I am sure this has been covered so maybe Someone will direct me but to get it started here we go. Just picked up a 05 2.0 auto car, 98k miles and runs great...big issue is code 1314. Seems like a hard code in the ecu or something has failed keeping it alive. Car does run and drive but wants...
  3. Tiptronic Problem

    New Beetle Convertible
    So, after removing the center console and unlocking the shift mechanism (because it got stuck into drive), I cleaned the Tiptronic shifter and checked for missing magnets (none missing). ! wanted to find out why suddenly the Tiptronic didn’t work even though I, myself, replaced the valve body a...
  4. The Shift Linkage Got Stuck

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    I am the owner of a 2004 New Beetle 1.8t GLS Convertible with a 09G 6 speed Tiptronic transmission (95,500 miles), and I was trying to find out why the Tiptronic does not work anymore. Taking the center console off, checking that all magnets are in place (Fig. 1), I tool the car for a ride on...
  5. For Sale 09G for sale 55K miles (pulled from 03 NBC) - HOUSTON

    New Beetle Parts and Accessories
    I just converted my daughter's 2003 NBC from automatic to manual and I have the 09G sitting in the garage taking up space. This vehicle has been in my family since new and the transmission has only 55K miles on it - HOWEVER - I'd recommend installing a rebuilt valve body. The transmission was...
  6. 2005 beetle 6speed trans shifting problem :(

    Transmission Talk
    I want to cry. :( I bought my dream car 3 months ago, I love it so much but it's been more like a nightmare than a dream since I got it. It's a 2005 2.0 automatic tiptronic 6 speed, I got it with 89k miles on it. Got it checked out by a mechanic and he said it was in good condition, just had...
  7. Thoughts? This Can't Be The Magnets - Silly 09G Tiptronic

    Transmission Talk
    Ok guys- try this one out... I thought I was experiencing the typical missing / out of place magnets for my tiptronic as I usually did not switch over to tip-mode when moving my shifter to the right, and a few times saw the [blocked] indicators on my gauge cluster.... It's those pesky magnets...
  8. TIPTRONIC Transmission Issues

    1.9 Liter TDI
    I just replaced my $1100 option Six Speed Automatic TIPTRONIC Tranmission for the sum of $3700 to me. VWofA donated $1,000 "Customer Goodwill" funds and the dealer knocked off 15% of the labor to help quell the $5,000+ repair cost for a rebuilt tranny from Deutchesland. Was wondering if any of...