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  1. New Beetle Parts and Accessories
    Sold the car and no longer need these. Comes with 4 wheels and matching Kumho tires. All tires are driveable but two will need to be replaced soon while the other two have about 5000 miles or so left on them (see pics for example). I don't know for sure the exact wheel size but they are 18"...
  2. Marketplace Archives
    Sold the car a while back and have these left over parts taking up space in my garage. Ideally, I would like to sell these locally (Seattle) to avoid the hassle of shipping but would be willing to ship most items as long as buyer pays for shipping. All parts are in good working order and have...
  3. Marketplace Archives
    Well let me start off by saying I havent been on this board in a LONG time, used to actually be a mod here :) Anyway, I have a set of 5 x TSW Trophys for sale, their is rubber on them, but it will be so hard now that I for sure wouldn't attempt to drive with them. THESE WHEELS ARE VERY HARD TO...
1-3 of 3 Results