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  1. 2003 Turbo Fog Lamp Bumper with Mesh

    12+ Parts and Accessories
    I hit curb at DMV 🤣🤯😭 Can anyone advise me a decent place online to purchase this bumper? Also can you get already painted or do all come unpainted. What Part is actually called would be appreciated. 2003 Convertible Turbo. Thanks 😊
  2. What engine tuning is possible with 2004 2.0 GLS NB

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hi! This is a really general question just because I want to know a starting point and figure out what is and isn't possible. I want to turbocharge my bug but I'm not sure where to start or what's possible. Time, money and labor are all not a concern, I just want to get some ideas and opinions...
  3. Car dying in the midst of driving? Help!

    New Beetle Convertible
    I am a new Beetle owner and a new car owner in general, I just got my license back in October so I've never owned a car before but my parents bought me a 2004 Volkswagen Beetle Turbo Convertible. Everything was going fine for the first few months that I had it up until January and then I started...
  4. Turbo 'blip' car wouldn't go over 1.5 bar on gauge?! Any ideas?

    Questions, Issues or Problems with 2012+ Beetle
    Just wanted to know if anyone had any ideas on what's going on with my car (1.4tsi) 2013 new beetle sport. Driving along today went to overtake dropped down to 4th and car just didn't seem to pull as normal. Looked at my turbo gauge and my turbo wouldn't go over 1.5 bar in any gear. Lasted...
  5. 2000 New Beetle GLX Turbo Hobby Car

    Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi all, Unfortunately last month my Beetle broke down, the timing belt broke and with where I am at in my life it wasn't worth it for me to repair. It is a manual, I have no had it taken to a mechanic to know if there was any major damage when the belt broke, but it'd be perfect for someone...
  6. 2005 New Beetle Convert 1.8L GLS Turbo $6200 Sacramento Area

    Vehicle Classifieds
    FS: '05 NBC 1.8L GLS Turbo Sacramento Area 2005 New Beetle Convertible GLS 1.8L Turbo with 5 Speed Manual transmission, 109k miles. Sharp looking black with black cloth top and tan vinyl interior. Alloy rims, sport profile tires. A/C, P/S, P/B, power windows & locks, power roof, aftermarket...
  7. 2001 Beetle GLX Turbo 54K miles

    Vehicle Classifieds
    I am selling my beetle because I need to buy an automatic due to physical issues. 2001 New Beetle GLX Turbo 1.8L , Techno blue, 54,000 miles. Runs great. Great Condition. I am the second owner. I bought the car with approx. 32,000 miles on it in 2010. I have all the receipts for...
  8. Hi everybody, from México

    New Member Forum
    Hi, i'm Omar from Querétaro, México, i'm owner of a 2002, beetle turbo s. I love the beetles and have 4 years with my bug, have a lot of modifications, latter talk about it. some pics: Turbo S front por omar de luna, en Flickr Turbo S rear por omar de luna, en Flickr Turbo S por omar de...
  9. overboost issue

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    Hello, I am new in the turbo vw world here and need to try and figure out why my 2001 beetle is overboosting putting it into limp mode. The car is 100% stock to my knowledge. I do not have a boost gauge so I do not know how much boost it actually spikes to before going into limp mode. I did...
  10. Pics of PolarTurboBug.....8-)

    Photos: New Beetles
    Hi to all, I'm posting my pics of Polar Turbo Bug.... Exterior BMW Antenna color matched black 1/10 GIAC (1/06)replaced with Neuspeed Chip 5/2008 Upgrade K03 to K04 8/08 K04 Intake 8/08 Injectors 380cc 225TT A/F Meter ABD FMIC 8/08 Sachs Clutch Kit HD w/fly 1.8 9/09 Neuspeed 1.8 Turbo Inlet...