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vehicle speed sensor

  1. Vehicle Speed Sensor Not Driven By Transmission

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    I just purchased a 1998 2.0L automatic Beetle for my daughter. I knew it had many problems when I purchased it and have been working through most of them. The speedometer is not working and there is a code P0501 for the VSS. Through searching on this site I have been able to narrow down the...
  2. Transmission Mount Removal Problems

    Transmission Talk
    I'm trying to remove the transmisson mount bolts so I can get to the G68 Vehicle Speed Sensor. However, the bolt that is closest to the front of the car is giving me a lot of trouble. So far I've removed the battery, battery tray, and the air cleaner. I still can't get to it though. Anyone...
  3. G68 sensor or something worse?

    Transmission Talk
    Good day! Yesderday after a 30 minutes ride with the Beetle, the overdrive suddently stop working on my 1998 2.0L Auto Beetle. Also, the tranny shifts from 1 to 2 very smoothly but for the 3rd gears it was very rough. So when I got home, I plug the VAGCOM and found that error in the auto...
  4. 1999 VW Beetle - VSS replacing

    Transmission Talk
    My Issues with Wife’s 1999 GLS Beetle Automatic Transmission, Time for semi annual Smog check (calif car) there were several codes that mechanic were able to repair and clear, The recent trouble begin about a month ago when car begin to delay in shifting, and then other times it would shift...
  5. VSS is giving me trouble... Am I on the right track?

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    I think my VSS (vehicle speed sensor) is toast. I have used the "search" function extensively on several forums. All similar issues seem to be eventually dealt with by a professional mechanic or never clearly resolved. I'll make sure to post my solution this problem (with pics I hope!) whether I...