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    I am looking for a wheel and tire package, used are ok. I am looking for a very affordable price, around $200. I know that may be a silly(too cheap)price for wheels, but I've seen and heard of that price for them :) If I have no luck, I will probably go with retro steelies- involves old hubcaps...
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    Hi, I am looking for some coil overs for a very good price. Used coil overs are ok. Let me know if you are selling or prefer a good brand for a good price. Thanks!
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    I'm in love with bugs, and I have been ever since I got a hot pink barbie one on my third birthday :) Sometime within the next two years I would like to buy one. It needs to be automatic transmission, and no older than '98 or so. I LOVE the yellow ones, but I also like the lime green ones, the...
1-3 of 3 Results