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    Hello! I'm relatively new to this website but I love to read all the posts. I'm a VW girl - all I've ever driven. 85 Jetta, 86 Cabriolet, 93 Cabriolet Final Edition, 2002 Cabrio GLX. I've never had a Beetle yet, but I have been searching for a 2010 Final Edition Convertible for about a...
  2. Vehicle Classifieds
    Hey guys, I am looking for a diesel beetle preferably a convertible. Anywhere in the UK is fine as I'm willing to travel if it's my dream car, the colours I am looking for are either red, black, cream/white or blue. No silver, yellow or green please. Up to the value of £3000 cash is waiting...
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    2001 New Beetle, Beige. Was leather, am interested in vinyl or plastic or whatever is NOT leather (peels and terrible brown gooey glue is exposed). replaced the right side with a much better looking vinyl panel Also; Looking for driver's side seat in leather. need cover and foam.:confused:
1-3 of 3 Results