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  1. For Sale or Part out 98 TDI 5 speed Beetle

    New Beetle Parts and Accessories
    Runs good and still driveable, was hit in the rear, needs rear clip or straightening. or will part, has clear title. email for pics or prices. sell whole car for 1500.00 or motor and trans for 1200. or best offer.
  2. FS: Daisy Wheels!

    Marketplace Archives
    I have for sale a set of four white 16 inch 7-spoke Daisy Wheels, with yellow centers. They have been on my Bug for the past four and a half years and are still in excellent shape. They have minor use marks and are a little dirty, but the white paint is still nice and bright. The yellow plastic...
  3. TSW Trophy Wheels

    Vehicle Classifieds
    Sold the car and no longer need these. Comes with 4 wheels and matching Kumho tires. All tires are driveable but two will need to be replaced soon while the other two have about 5000 miles or so left on them (see pics for example). I don't know for sure the exact wheel size but they are 18"...
  4. rim fitting info?

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    I found a set of 4 1988 bmw m5 bbs basket weave rims that have a 5 lug universal pattern, everything seems fine but don't know if they will properly fit on my beetle, I have a 02 1.8lt20v, I'd like to buy them but I'm the kinda guy who won't get something till I know it will definatly work, I...
  5. 2008 NB Wheels Tires practically new!

    Marketplace Archives
    Hello everyone! Unfortunately my 1998 Fuzzy and Blue Beetle was totaled on March 30th of this year. I had own that car since the day it was born 15 years of great memories! With that, I found a smokin' nice 2008 used with only 11k miles on it! That's right, for the past 6 years it had been a...
  6. 2000 GLX Center cap replacements?

    Paint and Body
    These are my wheels, and I need help finding replacement center caps. I've lost 2 of them, and the last two are mismatched. Is there a specific size I need to look for? Also, how do I get them out?
  7. Bolt Patterns, Offsets and Wheels

    Wheels and Tires
    So got a question for you guys. My beetle has a 5x100 bolt pattern with a 42mm offset and a 16x6.5 wheel. How hard would it be to get a 17x7.5, 51mm offset, 5x112 bolt pattern on it? I'm not sure how all that works.
  8. 205/55 R16 Wheels and Tires

    Wheels and Tires
  9. Retro Wheels?

    Styling Modifications
    Would anyone be able to tell me what these wheels might be called, and where to find them? Thanks!
  10. Need 17 inch wheels

    Marketplace Archives
    I have a 2000 Beetle TDI and I also have a set of 17 inch winter tires from a previous car. The problem is that the car has 16 inch wheels. I need a set of 17 inch wheels for winter usage. Wheels don't need to be perfect visually, but need to be sound. I live in the Detroit area. Thanks.
  11. Spare Tire and wheels, anyone?

    Marketplace Archives
    I am looking for the original spare tire or for a good substitute for it. If you have one tell me the price, or you might want to help by telling me where I could find a good replacement for it. Thanks!
  12. Help! New wheel worries

    Wheels and Tires
    Alright so this is my first car & I'm buying my first set of new rims off of my local craigslist. I found a guy that is selling: CoreRacing Kobe 5X100 17" with Yokohama Geolander G900 tires (P215/55/R17) The offset is about 40-42. Are these going to fit? My initial thought is that they're...
  13. Wheel Size for 2001 2.0L New Beetle: 17"?

    2.0 Liter Gas
    :confused: Can anyone advise me on proper wheel size for a 2001 New Beetle? I was given a set of winter tires 205 50 17 and wondering if I can use them on a 2001 New Beetle before I buy a set of 17" steel rims. Much appreciated if I can get your expert advise.
  14. Wheel Adapters Questions/Suggestions

    Styling Modifications
    Well, my wife and I had to visit a dealership this last weekend to pick up new interior door panels for her 2001 Beetle. While we were there we saw one of the 2012 models with the retro style wheels (black with the chrome center and VW logo). She immediately fell in love with these and wanted...
  15. My New Beetle!

    Photos: New Beetles
    This is Carmella(: Ever since kindergarten i've wanted a beetle because my teacher drove a red one and i thought she was the bext thing in the world so now at 18 i finally was able to purchase one. Ignore me here but this is a favorite of mine. I just washed it and yeah those are eyelashes but...
  16. WTB: Wheels and Tires

    Marketplace Archives
    I am looking for a wheel and tire package, used are ok. I am looking for a very affordable price, around $200. I know that may be a silly(too cheap)price for wheels, but I've seen and heard of that price for them :) If I have no luck, I will probably go with retro steelies- involves old hubcaps...
  17. anyone know anything about these wheels?

    Styling Modifications
    i'm looking at some kazera's for my 00 vw beetle 1.8t but i don't know anything about the brand. anyone heard anything about them? i don't want to get wheels that are just gonna be junk. thanks!
  18. VW/subaru

    Styling Modifications
    I was wondering if subaru wheels will fit on my 99' Beetle TDI. And or what other types of cars with 5x100 wheels that will fit. Thanks. pictures are always cool also.
  19. WTB: daisy wheels for vw beetle

    Marketplace Archives
    My daughter is really wanting some daisy wheels for her yellow 2000 New Beetle. Anyone got a set for sale?
  20. FT/FS flik lex

    Marketplace Archives
    got a set of flik lex 17x8 for my birthday from my b/f looking to trade for somethin ealse looking for 17s and up can be painted white or black right now thier stripped down have two brand new 225/45/17 tires and 2 used with about half tread left will sell make an offer but would rather trade...