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window problem

  1. Volkswagen Beetle Window Regulator Solutions

    New Member Forum
    Hello all! We created this account to hopefully help some Volkswagen owners in need. We specialize in window repairs and do a ton of Volkswagen Beetles. A customer suggested that we reach out to the forums because a lot of people may not know we exist. One of the things we offer is an...
  2. 04 beetle with numerous problems

    New Member Forum
    Hi! I bought my beetle in May, and while it’s a bit old it drives perfectly and I have so far had zero issues with the car itself... however, recently it’s developed a handful of slight issues and I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing when it comes to cars... so I need some help. Firstly...
  3. Passenger window going up and down two times before going all the way up

    Hi all I got a VW Beetle 2012 2.5 used so I am not very sure this is a known fault of this model. When hitting the switch to roll down the passenger window automatically, it rolled the window all the way down with no issue. However when I tried to roll it up, it went up half of the way and then...
  4. 2006 owner asks: Do new models still have window issues?

    Beetle Convertible
    Hello all. Up until three days ago I was the owner of a 2006 NBC, which I loved loved loved dearly. Then someone made an illegal left turn and hit me almost head on and totaled my car (I'm mostly OK). I'm still grieving, but also have to start thinking about getting a new car. My main...
  5. 1998 beetle power window rising

    New Member Forum
    My 1998 Beetle's passenger side window goes up slowly when I turn the headlights on, it stops for a few seconds and then keeps going up until it's all the way up. Any suggestions on what the problem is? I replaced the regulator motor already.
  6. Passenger Door Problems

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    Recently, I unlocked my passenger door, set my stuff in the seat, closed the door to go around to the driver's side, and as I was walking around the car, it chirped and doors locked. My keys were inside! Ultimately I retrieved them, but since then, I've also noticed that passenger window...
  7. 2005 VW Beetle Drivers window issue

    New Beetle Convertible
    I once saw on here a way to program the windows on the convertible using the key in the door and the key fob. This is our issue-The drivers window does not go down when opening or closing the door as it should drop like the one inch or so. It does do this when I unlock the car using the fob but...
  8. Driver side window problem

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    I drive a 2002 new beetle. I have not had many issues with it except for a year ago when the drivers side window started malfunctioning. It was during the winter so I didn't worry too much about it because once it warmed up it went away. Well, now it is back and much more worse. It will go days...
  9. Passenger window switch working only in down for both positions

    1.9 Liter TDI
    Hi all! I have searched through the forums and found numerous threads that seem to be close to what I am experiencing, but do not seem to see any resolutions. Here is what I have going on: The passenger window switch will send the window DOWN, in either switch position. Not up. The (master)...