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wont start

  1. 2000 beetle All lights on will not start

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    OK so ive search for hours to diagnose this car. Its a 2000 beetle we got with quite a few rough spots. he's the issue currently: With battery hooked up, and no key in the ignition, there is headlights on, tail lights and all instrument lights on. When we put the key in and rotate it, there is...
  2. my beetle cannot start

    Questions, Issues or Problems with 2012+ Beetle
    It is very frustrated. Yesterday, the car is functional perfectly but today it is totally dead. It always say, "keyless defection" or "key is not in the range". Actually, I have put the key next to the monitor screen. However, it cannot work. The button "start engin stop" does not work also...
  3. Multiple Issues, Need assistance OBDII ect

    1.8 Liter Turbo
    So when driving first thing in the morning to work, about 10 miles, the car runs seemingly fine, on my way home it usually drives fine until I get almost home the it starts to spit and sputter. when I push the clutch in and let it go to idle it dies. I have to start it with my foot on the gas...
  4. 1998 2.0 wont start

    Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    Hi all, I'm a nubie here but not a nubie around cars or fixing stuff. I went to school for electronics so I have removed most of the Beetles electrical bugs so far. Heres some history on the car. A little over a year ago the car stalled in traffic while my fiance was driving. After a lot of...