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  1. Technical Modifications
    I know there have been questions on this before but so many of them seem to be 1-2 years old and I know how fast technology changes nowadays so I was just wondering if there have been any updates from the older posts. I'm looking to upgrade my halogen projectors to HID projectors. I currently...
  2. Technical Modifications
    Greetings all. My father just got a new 2012 Beetle. He didn't check with me before buying one straight off the lot, so I wasn't able to advise on options. His night vision isn't great and it's really important to me that he has HID headlamps for their greater contrast and throw (I went to a...
  3. Questions, Issues or Problems with the New Beetle
    right headlight out. went to vw and they said xenon control module was bad. changed module light worked for 10 minutes module burnt out again. does anybody have any idea why? dont want to put another module in just to burn up again
  4. The Canada Corner
    hey all. i posted awhile back a thread asking a crapload of questions about hids.. which i never did in the end http://newbeetle.org/forums/styling-modifications/34666-hids-maybe.html so i've got a set of e46 single xenon projectors for sale. preferably local only within the GTA. please email...
1-4 of 4 Results